Maturing = Manifestation pt.2

** Don't remain in the struggle & let the struggle identify you **

- Walking in your manifestation is a decision based on your awareness that your current status is incompatible with who God created you to be.

    (awareness- informed; the information that you have and what you've done with it)

    (incompatible- inconsistent or not consistent)

    - Whenever you know better, you are required to do better!

    - Wherever you are now in your current spiritual place is not your final stopping place.

- Whenever you get the Word on something, you are required to do it.

    - It's only when you do better that you get the manifestation of the Word

Matthew 17:20

- The Word of God will manifest in your life if you be a doer of the word.

- The Word that's in you causes the faith that's in you to move whatever you need to move (manifestation).

- Maturing is knowing that God has already done what He's promised and I'm ready to act on it!


**** If nothing is impossible, then why aren't you seeing manifestation in your life? (Because of lack of maturity)

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