Maturity = Manifestation

Maturity implies that there is manifestation in my life!

James 1:17-21

* Whenever you are maturing, there should be progress in your life. (The maturing process should go forward, not backward)

* When you're operating beneath the knowledge of what you know, you're not maturing.

* We as believers can no longer excuse our behavior. (Where there is no manifestation, there is no maturity.)

* Spiritual maturity is a soul issue.

* Righteousness (justification) is a spirit issue handled by God.

** The saving of the spirit is God's part.; the saving of the soul is my part **

* Maturity is what allows us the ability to tap in to His power!!

James 1:22

* Maturity always produces evidence.

* Why not deal with that thing like how you dealt with the other thing(s): with the Word)

* Identify where you are in this moment, (If you don't do what you know, then you have deceived yourself into thinking you're ok)

* Maturing is an ongoing process. (KNOW BETTER, DO BETTER, HAVE BETTER)

ALIVE Praise