God Wants All Well- Series

God's word is supernatural medicine!

3rd John 1:2

* God wants all of us walking in healing manifestation 

* My diagnosis and symptoms are not the final say in my healing! (Quit calling yourself what people all you. Call yourself healed)!

Acts 10:38

* Healing is good where God is concerned. God doesn't get the glory out of you being sick.

* Sickness is demonic oppression. All sickness is from the devil, it's not from God. God wants all well.

* Just like how we deal with sins in our lives, we deal with sickness the same way: with the word!

Proverbs 4:20-22

* Give God's word the attention that it deserves.

* Stop looking for triggers and look for the cure in the word.

Psalm 107:20

* In God's word is all the healing that you need.

* My Jesus took care of it all.

ALIVE Praise