Revelation Knowledge

Joshua 1:8

* Meditation and observation are routes to maturing.

* Meditation gives you the spirit an avenue and a right to reveal to you.

   - The spirit then begins to open up the Word to you.

   - You can only walk by what you have revelation knowledge of.

* A carnal man is one who's saved, but living by the flesh (can't get a revelation; controlled by emotions).

** Revelation is the "I've got it!" **

    - Once it's been revealed to you, then you can activate your faith.

      - You will never see, think, talk or listen to limitations or lack (no limits).

Galatians 3:11

* Maturity produces living faith.

* Faith has the power of God in it, but it needs you to activate it so it can become alive!

* Because maturity operates in living faith, the spiritual world can not turn maturity down. 

   - The spiritual must give you what you are requesting for the natural world.

* Everything you need is already existing in God's world! It's waiting on you to demand it!!

    - Maturity says "It's mine!"

Romans 1:17

* When you activate your faith, it should arouse more faith (faith to faith).

* Live by continuous faith and go from faith to faith as light is revealed (receive the light of the Word).

* When you  receive the Word, then you can contain it (meditate on it).



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